Simple list of monsters.

Rat - 5xp, 30xp, Rat Eye, Rat Hide, Rat Tail

Clacker - 50xp, Clacker Leg, Clacker Meat

Wrathrat - 200xp, ???

Rogue - 300xp, 1000xp, 0-166 tr, Potion of Healing, Dagger, Short Sword

Grendol - 700xp, Rotten Meat

Trepor - 2000xp, 0-24 tr, Egg Sac, Trepor Heart, Trepor Wiggly Feelers

Tefusang - 2200xp, Lump of Lard, Tefusang claw, Tefusang Tooth, Tefusang skin

"Ulbernaut" - 6600xp, Ulbernaut heart,ulbernaut hide,ulbernaut claw,deadly ulbernaut claw

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