Harnquist is the blacksmith of Hydlaa, located in front of the plaza. Is one of the most known NPC of the game, because the respawn of dead characters is close to him.



Broad Sword 1200 Tria

Short Sword 700 Tria

Axe 100 Tria

Steel Falchion 400 Tria

Battle Axe 580 Tria

Longsword 900 Tria

Weapons repair kit 50 Tria

Dagger 525 Tria

Wheel Shield 70000 Tria

Three Rivet Shield 70000 Tria

Valiant Shield 1195 Tria

Armors repair kit 50 Tria

Rock Pick 100 Tria

Hammer 100 Tria

Riveter 500 T


Light Armor 0-19

Axe 40-50

Repair Armors 0-?

Repair Weapons 0-?

Mining 0-10

Blacksmith 0-31

Sword Making 0-?

Metallurgy 0-10


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