Every hunter must be familiar with animal parts. Some of this parts are technically other kind of stuff, but they are listed here for clarity.

Rat Edit


  • Clacker Leg - Weight: 3.00, size: 5, NPC buying: Liera Zireti: 16 tr.
  • Clacker Meat - Weight: 2.00, size: 3, NPC buying: Liera Zireti: 24 tr.


  • Egg Sac - Weight: 6.00, size: 10, NPC buying: Liera Zireti: 64 tr.
  • Trepor Heart - Weight: 2.00, size: 2, NPC buying: Liera Zireti: 160 tr.
  • Trepor Wiggly Feelers - Weight: 2.00, size: 4, NPC buying: Liera Zireti: 80 tr.


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